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Discover and Enjoy the Highflyer Wine Flight

Like most of you, I have many passions in life. Two of them just happen to work beautifully together: flying planes and making wine. Highflyer wines are the result of strategically combining my passions to make serious wines that don’t take themselves too seriously. I’m glad you’re here. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the flight (pun intended).


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Somerston Estate

Somerston Estate is due east of Rutherford, high in the eastern mountains of Napa Valley. The 1628-acre ranch is planted between 800 and 2,400 feet above sea level.

Highflyer Wines from this vineyard:

Vivio Vineyard

Vivio Vineyard is located in the northern part of Sonoma Valley. It is planted on the side of Mount Taylor at approximately 800 feet above sea level. This twelve-acre, low-vigor site features three clones of Syrah (470, 877 and 174). The vineyard is blessed with cool ocean breezes, light fog and a long, cool growing season. Its reddish clay loam and fractured volcanic rock soils seem ideal for growing Syrah.

Highflyer Wines from this vineyard:

Doctor's Vineyard

Doctor’s Vineyard is located in the heart of the Santa Lucia Highlands. This remarkably managed property has well-drained soils of sandy loam and gravel. We sourced three clones from three small vineyard blocks to complete our Pinot Noir blend – each of which was planted between 500 and 900 feet above sea level.

Highflyer Wines from this vineyard:

Sierra Madre Vineyard

Sierra Madre Vineyard is the western-most vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley, only fifteen miles from the coast, and benefits greatly from its unique marine influence. The vineyard is made up of sandy to sandy-loam soils from an ancient river bed. Soil vigor is considered low, which contributes to lower yields and concentrated fruit.

Highflyer Wines from this vineyard:

Star Lane Vineyard

Star Lane Vineyard is located in Happy Canyon, in the eastern Santa Ynez Valley. It is the highest elevation vineyard in the appellation, backing up to the San Rafael Mountains. Star Lane features a unique range of gravel and alluvial soil over a clay/loam subsoil. The 4,000-acre property has 237 acres planted to grapevines.

Highflyer Wines from this vineyard: